Funky teen party hair styles

    ...●●● Funky Teen Party Hairstyles ●●●...

    ...●●● Funky Teen Party Hairstyles ●●●...

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    ●►Funky Teen Party Hairstyles

    Colorful cornrows are a labor-intensive party hairstyle for teens.hairstyles mannequin image by Radu Razvan from Colorful cornrows are a labor-intensive party hairstyle for teens.Teens can push the fashion envelope with funky teen party hairstyles. Adding product to their hair can change it from school day proper to wild night scene in minutes. Color changes, braids and accessories can be used to create styles that will have all eyes on them.


    Sculpting gel can create funky spiked styles. Layered hair and short pixie cuts benefit the most from the effect of gel, but even long hair can be styled with spikes. Create many small messy ponytails and spike the ends for a funky teen party hairstyle with long hair.Teen boys can fashion their hair into Mohawks or liberty spikes. The effect can be created with strong sculpting gel or even egg whites.


    Temporary hair dye is a way to inject a funky style without changing your overall cut. Dye your whole head a bold blue or pink, change one thin strip or color lots of chunky sections. Drug stores offer do-it-yourself kits in a variety of colors. These temporary dyes last through several shampoos.If you want a less permanent change, try colored hair spray or, for already bleached hair, sugar-free flavored drink mix.Clip-on extensions can be added to your hair for a funky look. Use the colored strands in braids or to wrap around a messy bun.


    Cornrows are difficult to put in yourself, but can create a funky teen party look with the help of a professional or patient friend. Consider braiding in ribbons, colored strands or beads. Boys or girls can wear corn rows.Create a halo effect with two side braids wrapped around your head. Add fake flowers, ribbons, feathers or other accessories for a funky look.

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Funky teen party hair styles

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